Christopher Oh’s interest in music sparked at a young age by starting out on the piano in elementary school. He experimented with different instruments, like the saxophone, the drums, but after picking up the guitar at age 13, his focus became solely on everything that is music-related. During middle school and high school, he played clarinet for the symphonic and wind ensemble, while playing guitar for the jazz ensemble, performing twice at the Swing Central Jazz Savannah Music Festival, Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, and Disney Festival of the Arts. He also played guitar in the musical theatre pit orchestra. 

While participating in school ensembles, he played in several of his own rock, blues, and pop bands, duos and trios, playing school gigs and competitions. Outside of school, he served on his church praise team. Receiving a scholarship to attend his dream school, he graduated with a Bachelor’s in Music from the Berklee College of Music, studying audio production and sound design, while continuing his guitar studies. His most notable memory was playing in the James Brown Funk ensemble, under the direction of Kenwood Dennard, a former drummer of the James Brown band.

After graduating, he taught for several music schools while in Boston and Philadelphia, and also served as a music staff at Bucks County Community College. He has also been involved in podcast work for BCCC. To Chris, teaching means finding a spark in that student to turn learning music into a positive experience. Teaching is ego-less. He believes music is inherent in everyone and learning the fine motor skills is greatly beneficial for the mind and body. He has worked with all ages, from kids, teenagers, young adults, and adults. He enjoys teaching all styles of music, pop, folk, singer-songwriter, blues, funk… but he’s a rock kid at heart! He enjoys. incorporating how guitar fits in real world applications, teaching songwriting, music production, beat-making, and live performance.