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Ji Yong K.

Mrs. Jenny has been very patient during each class and always enthusiastic about teaching. She knows how to get kids to follow along and would always have a big smile on her face! Even with COVID and every class had to be via online, we saw no challenge with her teaching our 8 year old! She has extensive knowledge not only in music but also in teaching younger kids! Khloe always enjoys her lessons and now enjoys playing piano! Thank you so much!!

Emily G.

Being an adult learner, I was hesitant at first to take the piano lesson but the Moon School of Music was very welcoming and made the process went smoothly. I could not recommend more of this music school and Mr. D is a wonderful teacher.

Christy M.

My daughter has been taking piano since a very young age. She switched to Moon School of Music approximately 2 years ago and we have been extremely pleased with her progress since we moved to the Moon School of Music. She has grown from just being able to mechanically play the piano to being a true musician. It is such a joy to hear her play. The skills she has learned on the piano while at Moon School of Music with Mrs. Page Moon has also helped her make great strides with her other instruments, guitar and violin. The company has adapted very well to teaching both virtually and in-person during this COVID period. We have chosen to continue with virtual instruction for the time being, which we’ve found to be just as effective in our daughter’s learning as the in-person classes. I highly recommend the Moon School of Music, especially Mrs.Page Moon, and I’m sure you will be very pleased with the results.

Andrew T.

I am an adult piano student and have been taking lessons with Joe Moon for just over a year. During that time I have found him to be the consummate teacher who possesses a genuine and profound love for all things music. He is very knowledgeable, encouraging and patient. While I find those traits important, I have discovered his most valuable trait is his ability to challenge me to perform to the best of my ability while doing so in a manner that does not lead me toward discouragement. While I am very much a beginner, I could see his instruction being of great value to those at any skill level or age.

Elizabeth R.

Moon School of Music is a gem! I have three children enrolled at different skill levels and with different learning styles and the instructors meet each of them where they are and bring out their best. Page & Joe demonstrate a genuine love of teaching, holding students accountable for practice while always giving encouragement and support. Highly recommend!

Stacey M.

We love this place and can't say enough good things about the teachers at Moon. My son has been a student for almost 3 years and has come a long way! They are professional, friendly and experienced.

John F.

Our twin daughters have been studying piano at Moon School of Music for over a year, and we are very happy with both their musical progress and Moon School! Their teacher Ms. Grace has been wonderful and patient with them while advancing them rapidly. One thing that attracted us to Moon school versus individual piano teachers we considered was that the school hosts a formal recital & performance on stage in an auditorium for the students to perform. We saw it as a terrific way to help build our girls' self confidence in front of an audience in a public event - it was great! The virtual world changed some of that this year, but there was still a recital online and a pajama recital video which the girls loved. They have always been very willing to try work with us on occasional scheduling issues which also helps. What else can I say? We simply have no regrets and are happy with our choice in selecting Moon school!

Joanna B.

Our daughter has been with the Moon School of Music for a bit over a year. She really enjoys her voice and piano classes . They are challenging, but fun at the same time. Her teachers are great. It is wonderful to see her skills develop and her love for music grow.

Sunita A.

Great piano learning, good environment, high standards. I like the semester system with breaks in between. I like the clarity of curriculum & frequent showcasing of our kid's learning. Overall wonderful experience!!

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