"Awarding exemplary students of
good character and performance."


Say hello to christina!

Christina is a voice student at Moon School of Music and was nominated by Ms. Simone Brown for November Student of the Month. Congratulations, Christina!

“Christina joined the First Note Class mid-summer semester and jumped in with enthusiasm. Although the First Note Class had been together for some time and was already familiar with certain warm ups and techniques, Christina was not disheartened and worked very hard to catch up. 

With some work to go, Christina has gone from not being able to make a lip trill sound (a warm up technique we use to manage air pressure and engage with support muscles) to being able to start the exercise. Christina continues to practice this sound weekly and improves with every class.”

– Ms. Simone Brown, Voice Instructor


1. How old are you?

I’m 8 1/2 years old.

2. What school do you go to?

I go to Saint Timothy Chantilly.

3. What is your favorite food?

A meatball sandwich.

4. What is your favorite subject?


5. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be an Ornithologist.

6. How long have you been playing your instrument?

For four and a half months.

7. What is your favorite part about music lessons?

It’s fun!

8. What is your favorite song/artist?

Everything by TobyMac.

9. Anything else you would like to share with us?

Singing is one of my favorite things in the world!