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Education is the basis for growth and change. Moon School of Music is dedicated to providing a kind of education that ensures integrity and accountability that fosters excellence and inspiration, in which growth and change can flourish. Our vision is to be a nest for our community where social and cultural differences can come together through music.

We acknowledge the importance of quality, diverse methods and styles of teaching, and the responsibility to educate – to nourish and to lead one in order to have the knowledge and the experiences to ultimately form his/her own. At its core, it is our promise and our commitment to provide a music education you can trust.

Established in 2016 in the heart of Fairfax, Moon School of Music is a contemporary music school specializing in performance and music education for all ages and levels. From Classical to Jazz, we provide a place of creativity, discipline, and inspiration. Whether your dream is to play in front of thousands, for friends in the living room, or just for your enjoyment, our systemized and individually tailored curriculum and dedicated teachers will help you reach your goal.

We have two goals. One is to teach and inspire you to speak freely on the instrument through the platform of music. Two, we want to be that special teacher you never forget.

Listening actively, teaching passionately, and playing confidently.

Let us be your inspiration.

Moon School of Music